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About Green Lotus Eco Panels

The Full Story

Did you know Phnom Penh generates one million tones of solid waste every year?


And did you know it is estimated that around 70% of it is in landfills?


Rithy, our local entrepreneur’s purpose is to empower the Cambodian recycling community to build better lives.


In 2023 Rithy Hel joined forces with BOOKBRIDGE to tackle the waste problem in Cambodia. That is how Green Lotus Eco Panels came to be.


Green Lotus Eco Panels aims to have a positive impact on the whole supply chain. From waste pickers and traders to plastic processing suppliers and local families.


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We produce 100% HDPE recycled plastic eco panels.


It's possible to use recycled plastic to create something beautiful and functional. The Green Lotus Eco Panels are high-quality and affordable, creating a perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We not only live up to our sustainability commitment by reducing waste from the environment for our eco panels but also through the following principles:

  1. Minimize carbon footprint during the production process

  2. Ensure fair labour conditions

  3. Provide safe products free from any toxic substances

  4. Raise awareness of sustainability issues when entering into dialogue with our clients and partners

  5. Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals 1 (job creation), 8 (decent labour conditions), 11 (sustainable local material), 12 (responsible consumption and production)

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